‘I feel younger, so much more energy and generally happier all round’.

Could not be prouder of the results Mike achieved in just 8 weeks.

A coach’s dream and showed nothing but total commitment to the process.

How you felt before and why you wanted to make a change?

Before staring I felt stiff, old, sluggish and fat. I wanted to revert back to being healthy and not feel so tired all the time.

What you were struggling with before? 

I was stuck in a cycle of eating relatively healthy through the week but then binging on everything at the weekend…Thursday- Sunday!I was a too comfy and really lacking in motivation to make a change.

What has worked well since? Or contributed to your success? 

A big part of my life is going for dinner and drinks.

Luke taught me to prepare for this by putting work in prior which has been a big help, it allows me to enjoy going out and not having to deal with it afterwards by doing additional exercise. Game changer for sure.

Simply walking and getting my steps in has massively changed the way I feel.

To be honest I used to laugh at people counting steps and I resisted Luke’s request at the start. I believed the calories burned were trivial but it’s not only burning additional calories, it’s getting moving and getting fresh air. I feel less stiff and old because of this and again has been a massive game changer.

Understanding how much calories are in everything allows me now to make more realistic choices, I don’t just say yes to everything put in front of me now!

And how do you feel now / main difference?

I feel younger, so much more energy and generally happier all round.