One to one personal training, where it all started for me and still to this day what truly inspires me.

I live for connecting, supporting and building relationships with people, it’s why I do what I do.

I want people to live a fulfilling life, to be as happy and confident in their body and with their health as they can be.

When you’re inspired with your body, health and confidence there is an ease to life. Both your personal and professional life move in a great direction.

It’s my job as a coach to guide and help you realise your full potential. 

To get started, register your interest by submitting an application, and I will reply within 24 hours. We will then arrange a suitable time to discuss training, your goals and exactly how I can help.


How It Works

Register Your Interest

Once you have completed an application form please allow 24 hours for me to reply. I will then ask for a questionnaire to be completed before we arrange a time to speak.


The consultation is such an important part of the process and gives us both a great opportunity to discuss your goals, training and establish whether I am the right person to support you. 

Since Coronavirus I have been conducting consultations over the phone or via Zoom. 

Initial One-Off Session

Following on from the consultation the next step is to book a one-off session.

This one-off session is an opportunity for us to meet in person and for you to gain an insight into my style of training and for us to discuss in more detail what is required for you to get exactly where you need to be.

This is also a great opportunity for us both to assess your strength and flexibility. 

This is a one-off paid for session.


I work with new clients on an initial 3-month commitment. Why? Because experience has taught me that this is the minimum amount of time I need with someone to get results. This can also be split into two payments. 

Planning & Phasing

Now it’s about creating and tailoring a plan that works for you. Lot’s of trial and error and fine-tuning but ultimately your diet and training plan has to work for you, support your health and goals.

From this point, it’s important you have clarity on what’s expected moving forward from both a nutrition and training standpoint. 

What You Can Expect


The main difference between a personal trainer and a coach? A PT takes someone through a workout and that’s usually it. Your goal will usually dictate the amount of support you need. I live for coaching and educating people so if you need me I am available and 100% invested in supporting you.

Meal Plans.

There are none. I don’t provide generic meals plans. it doesn’t teach anyone anything. Rather investing time into understanding more about energy balance, food choices and portion control can provide long term maintainable results.

Sustainable Bodies Are Built On Sustainable Habits. 

Dieting is already hard. Trust me I know. I don’t believe in restriction of foods or food groups, life is to be enjoyed, which is why it’s important to develop strategies that work for you and support you.

You can positively change the composition of your body without being restrictive or unsocial. 

The Feel Good Factor 

It’s important to address not just diet and training but also look at other factors that contribute you to feeling good. Your sleep, stress, energy, digestion, mood and motivation. In order for you to unlock your true potential all of this must be addressed and optimised. 

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