Effective Fat Loss

There is nothing more confusing or controversial than the hot topic of nutrition. Read this, do that, lose weight. Fad dieting which often works in the short term rarely works in the long term with yoyo results demotivating thousands when nutrition can be made easy and simple. The single best advice surrounding diet is that the best diet is the most consistent diet. It doesn’t have to be complicated, calorie counting bewilderment. It needs to nutritional good, by that I mean anything that once lived or grew usually cuts it.

If you find yourself deep in the aisles of a supermarket you’re probably in the wrong place. Supermarkets generally keep the fresher produce on the outside aisles. The further in you get the more refined, processed and tinned food will get.

My Top 5 commandments for and effective nutrition plan;

  • Protein, Protein, Protein – Aim to have a portion of protein with each meal. Protein provides the building blocks to essential muscle recovery and building through the breakdown of amino acids, you will also find yourself less hungry.
  • Green is Great – Vegetables should be the foundation to each meal. Get creative with different varieties and colours the more the merrier. You’ll burn more calories consuming this stuff as well.
  • Avoid Alcohol – I don’t need to explain why
  • Consistency – Start as you mean to go on, plan ahead, shop ahead and be prepared.
  • Quality – If possible eat lean, free range, high quality grass fed meats. The animals are leaner themselves and the meat much better quality. Farmed Salmon for example contain up to eight times the level of carcinogens as their wild counterparts.

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