The False First Step

It’s December 1st and it would appear the festive season is already underway. With what is a super social month, various coughs and colds lingering around everywhere its sure to be a month the body will take a big hit on. It’s a boozy fun filled month after all and should be enjoyed.

If you survive the next 4 weeks like thousands of others you would have had enough, and like the beginning of this year will force yourself into some detox for a set period which like every year will likely not last very long. Commercial gym memberships will sky rocket and you will do your upmost to make yourself feel as healthy as you possibly can.

The False First Step albeit good timing with 2018 approaching can be applied to any day, week or month of the year. It’s to do with making the initial correct decision for you to get into that healthy place you seek. It’s about not joining a gym you will never use, but more about delving deeper into what will keep you on track consistently and feeling better about yourself all year round.

Firstly, get up off your ass and start moving around more each day. If you’re impressed with your 4000 steps in a day you need to check yourself. Your body is built to move and its more than likely you’ll sit on it for a minimum 7 hours per day. So start tracking how much you move and do it. It will literally not cost you a penny and wont fill you with guilt an unused gym membership might.

Secondly, maybe go for a light jog 2, 3 or even 4 times per week. Doesn’t need to be a crazy marathon distance, 20 minutes will be enough to make you feel you’ve achieved something and will make you feel a whole load better. Again, free. Enquire about your local Park run on the weekend and join others.

Third, try something new. Take up yoga, pilates, go to a class. There are hundreds of options now in London from Crossfit to Strongman classes to yoga practised in a sauna. There will be something readily available to you you will more than likely really enjoy and meet some people but you will have no idea unless you try.

Fourth, boozing. The 30-day booze free month is practically useless if you’re going to smash it again for the following 11 months. Don’t get me wrong, your body will benefit from the break but think about how you can manage your alcohol intake better each week. Cutting down midweek alcohol intake and binging at the weekends or at least every weekend.

Ultimately, it’s down to you, and I could list a bunch of bullet points on how to survive the festive period which you would have read 100 times elsewhere when only you can make things happen. Don’t jump on the ‘join a gym’ bandwagon in the New Year and go hell for leather. It not sustainable, and who gives a s*** if our body fat percentage increases after Christmas. Remember you have 365 days / 52 weeks in every year so relax, you aren’t going to get the body of your dreams in the first few weeks of January.

Nail the basics first of simply moving, managing your alcohol, eating and sleeping better and you will feel a whole load better.