Exercise Education Volume 3: Are we so different?

Should guys and girls train differently to one another? Do we respond differently to reps, sets and or weight for example?

An interesting question and a topic I have seen written and blogged about a fair amount. The old Man v Women debate and whether there is an optimal rep range for females or males. I have read articles ranging from ‘men require more rest to women who respond better to a rep range of 15 reps and up’ blah blah blah.

Ultimately what are the majority of us seeking? We all want to be a little leaner with better muscle definition, for females I will often hear ‘toned’. A word I am confident I know what means or looks.

Less body fat and more muscle essentially means ‘toned’.

Definitely less body fat with a non overly athletic figure but deemed in good shape. And for sure it’ll mean different things for different people.

That aside and not beating around the bush its exactly the same thing I want and most guys training want. Given all of our differences both sexes are in pursuit of exactly the same thing.

Does this therefore mean we should train completely differently?

Guys maybe want a more muscular look rather than females but we can all agree on the more muscle to fat ratio.

If as a female you want to change aesthetically how you look you can build muscle or lose body fat right? It’s impossible to change your bone structure so the ONLY thing you can change about your structure are your muscles or body fat.

In order to do this what should you do?

You would follow the same principles I would in which to get this look. Your head is in the same place as mine, your arms and legs are your quads and biceps are.

Our limbs and muscles are all in the same place and respond to stress in the same way.

The health and fitness industry does come with some great information but also a lot of BS.

You need to train regularly, train hard, train smart and put good food in your body exactly like I also need to and you’ll feel and look great.

Here we have an industry massively geared towards female training with often conflicting information but there isn’t a magic diet or exercise all you need to do is follow the above principles.