Fat Loss Food for Real People Volume 1: The 6 Commandments

Fat Loss Food for Real People – The 6 Commandments

One: Green is God

Make greens/vegetables the foundation of your diet. Do you best to make sure they are a part of every plate you eat. Another point, you would have to eat half a kilogram of asparagus to ingest the same amount of carbs as you get in a single whole meal pitta bread.

Two: Protein with EVERYTHING

Protein will be one of the most important components of your diet and when you eat a high protein diet you’re generally less hungry, eat less and lose body-fat as a result.

Three: Fat is your Friend

Fat will not make you fat. Eating too much will. In fact good quality fats are important if you want to build muscle and burn body fat because the macronutrient plays a number of roles in energy expenditure and vitamin storage.

Four: Eat Real Food

An essential RULE. Follow the guidelines the best you can to eating food that once grew out of the ground or had a face.

Five: Alcohol

Alcohol along with rule 5 also play an important role. Rather than completely eradicating this from your diet, you will need to make a conscience effort to reduce your alcohol intake. It not only inhabits your ability to build and repair muscle, but can be hugely calorific. There are roughly 200 calories in a pint of lager. 3 pints = 600 calories approx. If you’re trying to lose body fat then 3 pints will equal around a ¼ of your total daily calorie intake.

Five: Sugar

Again calorie packed, taste good but provide the body practically nothing nutritionally and I have never known a packet of Revels or a Chocolate Muffin to completely satisfy satiety. Revels, 35g bag = 168 calories. A medium sized white potato weighing over 200g contains less calories and more likely to fill you up. That’s almost 6 times more in grams and still less calories. Options – sugar cravings are perfectly normal and there are plenty of low calorie sugary foods out there.