Fat Loss Food For Real People Volume 2: Is the Diet the problem?

Is losing excess body fat hard? Yes and no, it’s certainly easy to make it difficult with an overhaul approach, and in my experience the ultimate defining factor in whether you can be in a happier place with how you look naked won’t be the diet itself but how well you can adhere to what you originally set out to do. Get a little leaner, right? You don’t need to take the ‘Hare’ approach, the tortoise method will be more sustainable long term and doesn’t need to be complicated.

The list is endless with diet upon diet which vary from juicing to a magical fat burning coffee. Putting the marketing ‘bs’ aside the main contributing factors that’ll increase your risk of failure are a complete overhaul of your diet, diets that require drastic changes in lifestyle and setting unrealistic goals for yourself.

Let’s look at the fundamentals of basic nutrition and why having some accountability for what you put in your mouth is more important than the diet itself because adherence and discipline are often the defining factors in whether you achieve what you set out to do.

Firstly, start nailing the basics, stop buying and eating shit. In my latest blog, I addressed the fundamentals of nutrition and what should make up your plate. Start buying less high fat high sugary foods, the sweet tasty foods that are calorie dense and are not conducive to fat loss and putting higher protein foods and vegetable in your fridge at home. Higher protein foods will keep you fuller for longer, so aim to have 3 portions per day. This could be scrambled egg on toast for breakfast, a Healthy Living Tesco meal deal, and a meat of your choice for dinner, with sweet potato and a big handful of vegetables. And yes, I just recommended a Tesco meal deal purely because I see many being purchased. Maybe have a think before picking up the BLT sandwich, full fat coke and packet of crisps though.

I admit working in the City doesn’t make life easy if dropping body fat is your goal but I refuse to believe today that most people don’t know what is good or bad food especially now with what is readily available. Whether it’s the Tesco meal deal mentioned or a wrap from Pret. Most of the food you have the opportunity to purchase will provide information on calories and the macronutrients, so look at them. The Tesco Healthy Living Egg & Cress sandwich has 132 less calories than the standard Egg & Cress sandwich in Tesco. I’m using this simply as an example of a smarter decision that needs to be made daily.

Your level of adherence and staying disciplined will ultimately be the difference between a leaner happier you to you being the person you tell yourself everyday ‘I’ll start next week’. When I use, the term disciplined, I mean not popping into Sainsbury’s and buying a chocolate bar or sinking 3 pints on a Thursday lunch hour. This is something you’re doing for you and you alone, so when your colleague asks if you fancy a couple of pints don’t take the easy option and say yes. When you going to pay for your lunch, choose not to pick up that Mars bar. Be mentally prepared for everything around you to be against you from the sugary snacks strategically placed along the aisle to the excess calories consumed from alcohol on a Thursday lunch.

This leads nicely on to the environment we create for ourselves. Biscuits on your desk, ice cream in the freezer, chocolate in the cupboards. I am certainly an advocate of eating food that I like the taste of. But I train hard, I move a lot all day every day and if you aren’t willing to at least hit a 10,000 a day step count then such foods need to be removed from your working and living environments.

Lastly remember your ‘why’. The reason you set out to do this in the first place. This is for you and you alone, no one else so take that into each day and the results will come. In a month or two you’ll have friends and family saying how great you look, the colleague who keeps asking you for lunch time pints will start asking you how you’re looking trimmer. And what I believe is the most important factor, your confidence will massively improve, along with your health and all of this will have a knock-on effect to how you eat, eating healthier foods will become habitual and you will be moving more without realising it.

So take some responsibility, hold yourself accountable and focus on the reasons why.