Fat Loss Food For Real People Volume 5: Fat – Loss Pill?

Holy Sh**! A Weight Loss Pill hailed as the holy grail in the fight against obesity .

What a tag to have. The NHS is buckling in front of us and this pill is going to save it from its knees.


You would assume that given such a name to live up to the results are outstanding. Ready yourself.

Those who took the drug lost an average of nine pounds / 4kg in just over 3 years 🤦‍♂️

Hold on 4kg in over 3 years. What the f***. If you’re considered obese it’s not hard for you to lose 4kg. You could literally go for a 10 minute walk and you’ll lose weight. 4kg in over 3 years is criminal.

The only winner here the company manufacturing this drug who’ll no doubt make millions 💰

What is interesting is the link between obesity and depression. I have always been a huge advocate of exercise being the single most effective anti depressant you will ever have access to. There is no pill as effective.

As per the article ‘Suicidal thoughts or behaviour were reported in 21 people taking Lorcasin compared to 11 people given placebo, however those taking the weight – loss drug had a history of depression’.

Is it really surprising they all have a history of depression? They’re all obese. Imagine how shit that must feel. And then on top of that they told take this pill twice a day and you’ll lose 4kg in the next 3 years. It’ll likely be too little too late but that’s all we have. No support network. No actual advice. Problem = Pill.

And I’m not even going to look at the negative effects taking pills has on the gut. And what can poor gut health be linked to….depression.

Unless there is a massive shift towards the practise of a more functional approach and changes in lifestyle then the future is sadly very fat.