Why Knowing Your Values Can Help Keep You Motivated With Your Health and Fitness.

Are values becoming more and more popular?

Or is it because I am spending so much more time understanding them or at least figuring out what mine are.

It’s so true that when something becomes relevant in your life you see it everywhere when before you wouldn’t have even noticed it.

Anyway, today’s article is all about VALUES!

And how knowing them can inspire and motivate us with our health, fitness and training.

If you struggle with motivation or consistency, then continue reading and hopefully this will help.

So, what are values? And do you know what your values are?

We all have them whether you recognise them or not, they are individual to us and they kinda really define how we live our life.

I have been on a personal development journey over the past 12 months and have worked so much on figuring out what mine are.

I have found purpose; drive and I guess somewhat of a reference point when maybe I struggle with my own motivation or consistency.

I hope if you read this, you will go on your own journey to discovering what you value in life and that it supports you like it has me.

Or at the very least give yourself even more reasons to train when you lack a little motivation.

And if you are anything like me life does seem to get in the way sometimes.

If I was to ask you right now what your values are would you know?

Is your career the biggest priority in your life?

Maybe you have just had some children and it’s your family?

It could be playing sport or even computer games?

Personal development, education or learning?

Holidays or travel?

Your health and fitness?

Reading or watching the tv?

It could be anything.

The best way to figure out what they might be is to ask yourself a few questions.

What do I spend the most time thinking and talking about?

Where do you invest much of your time and energy?

What do I have around me?

There are no rules with this, nothing is definite or set in stone.

And it might take some time to figure of what your values are.

And YES, they change.

In my early 20s I valued Rugby, Partying, More Rugby, More Partying, and having a job to allow me to do more of all of that.

Now that has completely changed and I value growing my business, my education, my own personal development and supporting people on a journey to a more confident them.

I have done lots of work on this, but I am very clear that this is what I value in my life.

And what I do each and every day and think about reinforces this.

So go through the above practise and start to get a clearer picture on what it is you value.

Okay, so what do our values have to do with our health, fitness and training?  

Well, if we start to link the two, we can actually find more incredible and inspiring reasons to keep on track with all three.

I have no idea what your values are in your life right?

But I am pretty confident that regardless of what they are, I bet you keeping on top of your health and fitness will support you, your life and what you value?

Am I wrong?

Even if partying is one of your highest values right now.

I am confident in saying that if you put time aside to stay fit and healthy you would be able to party harder and longer through the night than if you didn’t.

I’m open to debate but I’m pretty confident you would.

Let’s use some other examples.

What if your career right now is one of your highest values and most important to you?

Or your family?

Or both?

Answer this.

How does training support you and your career? Are you a more confident person when you training? Does it help manage stress, improve sleep, energy, focus, concentration, productivity?

If your family is at the top of your values. How does training support you being a kick ass parent and/or partner? Does training enhance your mood and energy?

With my job I find that those who are more successful, more adherent and more consistent with their health, fitness and training are those who get how important  it is but also how much it positively impacts their life and as a result really value time spent doing it.

Take time to go through the process yourself.

Know your values and how exercise can support them.

It might help keep you motivated and easier to put the trainers on when a little rain is predicted.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions please reach out.