Motivation is complete BS.

Motivation is complete BS.

Think about it for a second, when you need it the most.

Where is it?

It’s nowhere to be found.

Its something we all struggle with, me included 🖐

How often does this happen?

It’s the night before and with good intention.

You set your alarm for first thing.

It goes off.

You hesitate and consider your options.

It’s cold and dark outside.

Warm and comfortable in your bed.

You hit snooze. There is always after work right?

Fast forward 10 hours, you’ve had a long day at work and your boss has pissed you off

It’s not happening. You put it off.

These cycles are hard to break.

It’s exactly why motivation is BS.

It can’t be relied upon when you need it the most.

So, what’s the hack?

You probably already know.

It’s taking action.

It’s doing the thing you keep putting off.

So set the alarm.

Or put something in your diary for tomorrow.

Don’t even give yourself a chance to consider your options.

And go do it.

You are more than capable.

In fact, you have no idea what you are capable of.

One decision could completely change your trajectory.

And then guess what will show up when you start taking action?

Im not even going to say it.

So please stop waiting around for motivation to start because it’s not coming for you.

Instead, get after it and instead embrace the idea that it’s complete BS.

And see what happens 💪