My Journey Of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Confidence

It’s been almost 6 months since I scribbled down my vision for 2021.

Committing to changing my body was right at the top!

Being totally honest, and putting myself out there, I needed to make a change.

With the opening and closing of gyms, in and out of lockdown, I found bad habits easy to come by.

Excuses easy to find, training at home sucked, the old midweek glass or two of wine had crept in, and although I felt motivated with my business, I didn’t feel empowered with my body.

Life was too comfortable.

Something needed to change.

How can I lead my clients from the front if I can’t even take my own advice?

So off the back of a lazy, chocolate-filled Christmas, I was ready to make a change and a drastic one.

The time was right to set this challenge.

What wasn’t supporting me?

Alcohol 🍻

That was the first thing to go and I haven’t drunk any since.

That decision really was the catalyst.

Like so many of my clients I speak to for the first time, you just gotta wait for that lightbulb moment where you stand up and say.

‘I am done with looking and feeling like this’

So I gave myself a big metaphorical slap around the face 🤦‍♂️

Deep down I had always wanted to take myself through my own transformation but massively doubted myself.

I had hidden behind a story of ‘it’s not for me’.

When in truth I just didn’t think I had it in me.

I knew going through the process would as a coach be a rite of passage.

Also being a client and having a coach would provide such a valuable perspective.

Having @stan_didi in my corner kicking my ass was essential 💪

Aside from the professional growth much of this challenge was driven simply by a lack of confidence in myself.

So yeah, I get what it’s like to not feel great, and I hear you when you say dieting or changing your body is hard.

It totally is. Really f’ing hard.

I have been in exactly the same place and experienced the same struggles.

My hope is that other people will see this and get inspired, think yeah I wanna a little bit of that in my life.

There is nothing more powerful than proving yourself wrong.

It was hell of a 4-week ride towards the end.

I started at 90kg just after Christmas and finished at 77.6kg on the day of the shoot.

Anyone fancy joining me next time?