My Top 3 – Magnesium, Vitamin D, Omega – 3

I wanted to cover the subject of supplementation because often too much emphasis can be put on supplements to either aid or enhance training or completely the opposite it can be overlooked and neglected.

Regardless there are other factors that must be achieved when looking at supplementation being nutrition and training. However, I do believe that if you have the first two achieved the supplements can help – but they must not replace a well balanced diet or meats and greens.

‘No supplement can provide a shortcut to the success of your goals’

My Top 3 I am keen to cover today are;

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D3
  • Omega 3

First up Magnesium, a supplement the general population is commonly deficient in. It is involved in 300 essential biochemical reactions in the body ranging from energy production in your cells to protein synthesis. Key for energy, reducing fatigue and muscle building. Magnesium is best taken before bed to help relax the body, aid sleep and reduce stress.

Vitamin D3, again another supplement / vitamin most are deficient in. Vitamin D is VITAL, yet most of us will be shocked to hear you’re deficient in this. Studies

Show D3 may decrease risk for many diseases and conditions including certain types of cancer, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, weight loss and even longevity.

Last up, Omega – 3 a type of essential fatty acid. Commonly found is meats and oily cold watered fish it is essential for good health. Research has shown that it can help prevent a host of serious long term ailments including cancer and heart disease. For fat loss its great as it promotes the utilization of existing fat stores for fuel.

Supplements are there to supplement a well balanced diet. Optimal health not only leads to a better functioning body, but can also lead to bigger more motivated gym performance.