Special Edition: Being Fit For A Fight

My intention for this blog was never for it to go down the road of a ‘self-help type blog’. The idea of putting this together grew very much organically in that I had something right at the end of my finger tips I knew would motivate others as much as it has me.

Natasha has inspired me to be able to stand still and appreciate the ‘relatively’ good health I am in and how easy it is for me to take for granted that I simply just function day in day out. My heart beats, my lungs breath.

How would I react if all of a sudden that were to come crashing down?

Natasha was 30 years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer back in 2015. Earlier that year she had already achieved a sub two hour half marathon, cycled 310 miles from Newcastle to London riding through the night for over 24 hours.

Is it fair that someone so health conscious, someone who has so much respect for their body can be struck down with such a life threatening illness?

Why is it that only in moments of misfortune do we realise how lucky we truly are. We are more concerned with where the nearest socket is to charge a phone rather than what we have right in front of us.

Having been diagnosed with stage 3 Bowel Cancel (I can assure you stage 3 is definitely a stage you do not want to hear) to be lining up with hundreds of others for the 2018 London Marathon in under a month I knew I had an incredibly empowering story I needed to share.

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month and Natasha is currently raising money with the aim that fewer and fewer people will hear similar life changing news.

If you wish to donate please do so here;


Natasha’s blog page ‘Fit for a Fight’ is dedicated to spreading the message that being physically and mentally fit is essential in, not only warding off disease and ill health but also so you will be best placed to fight with everything you have in the event that the worst luck befalls you.