Back To The Gym Basics: Tips On Pushing Too Hard & Coping With Muscle Soreness.

This is all totally subjective and dependent on the person.

And that’s exactly what I say to my clients.

Assess how you subjectively feel and listen to your body.

Am I pushing too hard? Do I need to pull back?

Struggling with muscle soreness after the first few sessions back?

Be mindful of when you need to ease off and channel your energy into the basics.  

Get good quality sleep.

The foundation of life.

A non-negotiable for me and essential for your recovery and ability to repair and build muscle.

Sleep also directly influences my motivation, mood, and energy when it comes to training so it’s something I don’t compromise on.

Active Recovery.

Keep on top of your steps and don’t be completely sedentary.

I would recommend some stretching or yoga in between sessions.  

You’re built to move so don’t underestimate its power on your body.

Get a good amount of protein in your diet and stay hydrated.

I’m open to argument but if you want to move in a direction that is healthy, happy and feels good I would focus on the above regardless of whether you go to the gym or not.

Tips On Pushing To Hard.

 Generally speaking, there are exercises in the gym that can be pushed harder than others.

I would ease into the bigger compound lifts, don’t dive headfirst into putting a heavy bar on your back (squats) or picking up a weight from the floor (deadlifts)

The risk of injury is likely to be higher with these exercises and the last thing anyone wants is an injury after so long out of the gym.

Now is a great time to focus on what you can feel, control the weight you’re lifting, create a stable body and contract through the muscles you’re trying to challenge.

Personally, it feels so great being back in the gym, lifting weights, building muscle, and feeling awesome.

It’s empowering.

Always listen to your body and get good at knowing when to ease off.

Thanks for reading & have a great day.