Quick Mobility Floor Routine. Take A Break.

A great mobility floor routine | warm-up you can add to your day to give the body some freedom and space.

Taking a few minutes out of your working day can have such a positive accumulative effect on your body especially now many of you are working from home. You get what you repeat. If you feel stiff and tight and don’t do anything about it you’ll stay feeling like that.

A few minutes each day can help keep your joints lubricated and healthy, but also revitalise the body and give you a knew lease of energy.

Simply put we aren’t structured nor have we evolved to be sat down hunched over a desk all day staring into a screen. I appreciate most of us need to work so the very least you can do is to take a few minutes out to move and stretch.

I challenge you to give yourself a few minutes and practise this mobility floor routine.

There is almost no excuse and in times of uncertainly creating good habits will go a long way to making you feel good.

When you feel a little stressed, restless or have been staring at the screen too long kick off the slippers and stretch.

If you struggle with ideas or would like specific help please get in touch because I would love to help.