The Bent Over Row

The Single Arm Bent Over Row – is a staple in most Back programmes and so it should be. It is a fantastic exercise for increasing size and strength through the lats, upper back and traps. Another reason why I love this exercise is that it is shoulder friendly when executed correctly. The Chin Ups and Deadlifts will give you more bang for your buck but they can really destroy the shoulders if you have pre existing problems.

Another great reason to put this exercise in your programme is that single arm work allows for a lot more focus on the concentric and eccentric part of the lift as well. Keep the movement smooth and slow and squeeze the top position then slowly back down placing more tension on the muscle.

A lot of the time you will see the dumbbell being swung from the floor to almost over the shoulder which in my opinion is completely wrong. As if the upper traps aren’t already overworked! Next time you’re in the gym training Back, work on a tempo of 3131 and see how you get on.